Julia Bostrom

Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill

where did you grew up?

sweet and safe, landalabergen.

where do you live?

same old hood.

your personal soundtrack?

either some by red hot chilli peppers or some shitty pzycadelic rave song. (used to love that genre when i was younger. still do..)

star sign?


your style icon?

dont have any. actually i dont care that much about fashion. i just wear whatever i feel like wearing. somedays, i dress up. somedays i go to school in pyjama pants and slippers.

what do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up?

still in high school, but my fattest dream is to become an actress, just don't know where to begin..


Ringo, have a banana! said...


Anonymous said...

yeah,yeah,yeah..little sis in da house!!!

miss amanda jones said...


Anonymous said...

wonderful blog. do you happen to know who makes her rust coloured sweatpants? thank you

Frederik said...

Wau! I'm in love with your sister, Fanny!

Annette said...

dear backyard bill,

these are all fantastic. I know bloggers have allready told you that. But I sincerely mean it.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. is she your sister? GORGEOUS. so raw, so real. i love her expressions. breathtaking.

thank you for this.

xxx kate

jules said...

Oh this is amazing, I adore this blog!

One Man's Style said...

great stuff man pics are fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

it's great to see the street-style 'genre' (if you will) evolving into something more personal and unique...wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

love these pics and great style Julia



Anonymous said...

I don't get it when people who dress well, or obviously have a personal style say they have no interest in fashion. Fashion doesn't necessarily mean Vogue; it basically can just mean style, and this girl obviously has style. Therefore she must have some interest in fashion.

yhzkyl said...

This blog is real cool.I like girl with this kind of style,and her cdg play and 45rpm tees are dope.

The Confines of Reality. said...

absolutely stunning
my oh my

Anonymous said...

um, no one who "actually doesnt care that much about fashion" is buying , or rather investing in, a comme des garcons anything.
hopefully post high school she gives up the "i dont care" act.

BESOS said...

Me encanta este blog tiene unas fotos muy buenas