Chris Camplin

Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill
Backyard Bill

Where did you grow up? I grew up in South East London, Uk

Where do you live? I currently live in Covent Garden, London

What is your persnal soundtrack at the moment? Disco and Chicago House, 70's acoustic Rock and the Sound track to Almodovars movies all regularly get repeated on my iPod...

Your star sign? Capricorn

Who is your style icon? I can't think of a specific person but I used to skate and do graffiti when i was a kid and i think that still influences my clothes, also, anyone with good facial hair.

What do you do or what would you like to do when you grow up? I do some part time modelling and work full time on the european Apple website.

is there any links you would like to add?


Tiffany said...

looking good! This man's facial hair is at its finest.

Hello, darling said...

He's so cool. I love all that facial hair. And these pictures are great ♥

je regrette allting said...

he looks so good, and what a nice style. love these billy!

scutlerlax said...

i really like that hat with the anchor (i think?) on it - any idea what it is or who makes it?

RedRuth said...

Great pics,Ruth @ Matches

Anonymous said...


Fred said...

wow very handsome, je suis persuadé que ce visage est aussi beau à l'intérieur qu'il est à l'extérieur


Vaya pinta de leñador que tienes

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